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Explore the world of Athenos cheese, hummus, pita chips, recipes, and feta. Find Athenos products locally, and follow Yiayia around the internet.

Pita bread is a great bread for beginning bakers or for making with s. The entire process of making them only takes about two hours too, so it is also a great one

Food Exchange US Unit Metric Comments; Starches: 80 Calories: 15 g Carb., 3 g Protein, 1 g Fat: bread breads, other tortilla crackers

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With Clean Creations, you’ll never fall into a food rut, eating the same, dull meal day after day. Our a la carte menu offers an ever-changing variety of meals you

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ENTREES All entrees served with Greek salad or tabooli, wild rice,hommos dip, fresh fruits and pita bread. Choice of dressing: Greek (house), lite ranch, lite blue

The McArabia is a pita bread sandwich available at some McDonald’s outlets in Arab countries and Pakistan. It is known as the Grilled Chicken foldover in Singapore

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Börek (Turkish pronunciation: [bøˈɾekʲ]; also burek and other variants) is a family of baked filled pastries made of a thin flaky dough known as phyllo (or yufka

Toufayan Bakeries Low Carb Pita Bread has 7 grams of fiber and only 9 grams net carbs per full pita loaf.

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Fresh Thinking Healthy Eating – Pita Pit was founded on the premise that people want an exciting alternative to fast food restaurants; a place with healthy, great

Edamame “Guacamole” With Chile-Dusted Pita Chips Using edamame instead of avocados gives you 12 grams of protein, and olive oil adds in heart-healthy fats.

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